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Ellen Curry served on the Housing Authority Board for 29 years from 1967 through 1996. Prior to her death in 1996, Ellen made provisions for the Ellen Curry Foundation. Upon her death, a portion of her estate went to endow the Foundation.

he Curry Foundation was established by Ellen to enhance and improve the general education level of children under the age of 22 years who reside in housing owned or managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Erie.

The Foundation is a Section 501(c) (3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation also acts as the umbrella organization for the Louis J. Tullio Memorial Scholarship Program established by the Housing Authority in 1989 to help young Housing Authority residents complete their college education. The original funding for the Tullio scholarships came through annual gifts from the Knox McLaughlin Gornall and Sennett law firm.

The primary fund raiser for the foundation is the Ellen Curry Golf Tournament, which garners about $34,000 annually for the Foundation.

“Our scholarships have virtually no administrative expenses,” said John E. Horan, executive director of the Erie Housing Authority and chairman of the Foundation board. “The scholarships provide opportunities to help our children receive the education that will lead them to economic self sufficiency.”

The Foundation has awarded a total of $433,034 to Curry and Tullio scholarship recipients.

The Ellen Curry Scholarships

A champion of family oriented services for public housing residents, Ellen Curry was instrumental in promoting Head Start, Day Care, Adult Education, youth centers, and other educational programs. She designated that the purpose of the Foundation would be to “enhance the general education level of youth living in housing owned by the Erie Housing Authority.”

The Curry Scholarships give children of low-income families the opportunity to attend parochial elementary schools of their choice, thus giving them the advantage of accelerated private education starting at an early age. As long as the student continues to remain in public housing and in good standing with the school, the Foundation will provide annual scholarships though the eighth grade.

The Curry Scholarships have awarded a total of
$362,034 in elementary school scholarships since 1998.

The Louis J. Tullio Memorial Scholarships

The $1,000 Louis J. Tullio Scholarships are meant to encourage self esteem, higher education, and to create role models for high school and college students living in public housing. Also, to keep alive the memory and spirit of Mayor Louis J. Tullio, Erie’s only six-term mayor and a dedicated educator and coach. In 2007, a total of seven college- bound residents received a $1,000 scholarship.

Since 1989, 71 Tullio scholarships have been awarded totaling $71,000.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for both the Curry and Tullio scholarships are available at any Housing Authority office or by calling 452-2425. The application process occurs in April of each year and scholarships are awarded in July.




730 Tacoma Road. Phone: 454-1266
On-site educational programs staffed by the Multicultural Community Resource Center. Programs include GED, English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education, computer instruction, job placement, and college preparation programs. The Center has 15 Internet accessible computers for use by residents.



2046 E. 19th Street. Phone: 899-3904.
E.F. Smith Learning Center
The Authority partners with the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation and the NorthWest Tri-County Intermediate Center to provide on-site education and employment programs at two sites. Educational programs include GED, English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education and computer training. Employment classes include career assessment, interview techniques, training referrals and job placement.


John E. Horan Garden Apartments and Erie Heights, through the YMCA Kids' Clubs.
The Authority has partnered with the Lake Erie-Allegheny Earth Action to offer an innovative community action and problem solving experience, after school, for youths. Earth Action allows youths to become involved in identifying and solving local environmental problems. The Earth Action programs provide children with hands-on opportunities to learn about their environment. For more information on meetings, and scheduling contact Sister Pat Lupo at 835-8069 (, or the YMCA at 456-6558. The YMCA, through the YMCA Kids' Clubs, schedules and promotes the Lake Erie-Allegheny Earth Action Program.