--- Issued January 5, 2014

The Erie Housing Authority was featured twice in the just-published 56-page winter/spring 2013 edition of  the news magazine for the Pennsylvania Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies (PAHRA.)

The photo at top right on the cover of PAHRA's "Monitor" shows PAHRA Conference attendees boarding Erie's Victorian Princess paddle-wheeler to get a nautical view of the city;  The second photo from the top, at left, shows COPPS officers interacting with neighborhood youths as part of the Erie Housing Authority's "It's About People" philosophy.

PAHRA is an affiliation of Pennsylvania's housing authorities, redevelopment authorities, community development agencies, nonprofit corporations, and for-profit companies providing products and services for the housing and community development industry.

In the latest edition of Monitor, the PAHRA magazine, the Erie Housing Authority is featured prominently, on the cover and inside, in text and photos, with one story covering the HACE mantra "It's About People" and a second story covering HACE and the City of Erie  hosting the 2012 annual PAHRA conference.

That conference, held at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel, was a huge success.

More than 125 delegates from 70 housing authorities and 28 redevelopment authorities across the state attended the 2012 conference that began Tuesday, September 11, and ended Friday, September 14.

This was the first time in almost 35 years the conference was held in Erie. Many of those attending expressed pleasure at the venue and surprise at all the things there are to do in the Erie area -- from Presque Isle Downs Casino, to Presque Isle and fishing charters, to the nearby Maritime Museum.

Many attendees said they would like the conference to be held in Erie again, and a great many said they would be visiting Erie on their own.