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--- Issued December 19, 2013

A graduate of a college creative writing class; a woodworking artist who started out on a bet; a former student at the Academy of Art at the University of San Francisco; a world traveler with a masters degree in science education who worked for National Geographic; a 7-year-old little girl who played the part of a lobster in a local production of "The Little mermaid”...

These are just some of the backgrounds of our public housing residents whose creative efforts are featured in the Erie Housing Authority’s just-published 2014 annual calendar, “What Home Means to Me.”

It is the twelfth in a series of calendars that showcases the richness of the Erie public housing experience.

“Still in a spirit of celebration for our 75th Anniversary in 2013, we are featuring the artwork, poetry, and photography of our residents in this offering for 2014,” said John E. Horan, executive director of the Authority.

Public housing residents displayed these creations for the 500 guests who attended the 75th anniversary celebration of the Erie Housing Authority on October 11, 2013, at the Bayfront Convention Center.  “This body of work provides insight into the true nature of our public housing family, and what “home” means to our residents,” Horan said.
“Media ranging from poetry to woodcuts to oil painting to posters and photographs depict in words and images the “within” and “without” of our residents – their hearts and souls as poured into the works presenting their public housing experiences and what their homes mean to them.
This is something we want to share with everyone through our 2014 annual calendar.”

Public housing and Section 8 residents submitted 45 entries for the 75th Anniversary exhibit.  Artists ranged in age from the very young to seniors. “The images in this calendar show the talent, creativity, and hearts of our public housing family,” Horan said.

“The photography and posters done by our children are just one more example of what they can do, given the opportunity. The artwork and poetry of our adults is professional and often poignant.”

The 2014 calendar is being sent to residents and friends of the Erie Housing Authority. Copies are also available to the public, for as long as they last, at the Authority's Central Office, 606 Holland Street.

All our calendars, from 2003 to 2014, are available for viewing on our website,

For more information, call John Horan at 452-2425