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--- Issued June 1, 2013

Judging is now being held for the Gardens of Public Housing Contest.

The annual contests were the inspiration for the “Gardens of Public Housing” theme for the HACE float in the Perry 200 Parade, and as always, beautification efforts such as the Annual Garden Contest create an environment that all of Erie's citizens can enjoy.

2012 Annual Garden Contest Winners for the Gardens of Public Housing were, for flowers, top photo, Alexander and Lyudmila Hodakovsky, Agnes Priscaro Apartments, and for vegetables, bottom photo, Sofron and Anton Melnik, Dombrowski Apartments.

The Annual Garden Contest has been held since 1977.

A $50 gift certificate will be awarded for first prize in each of two categories -- flowers and vegetables.   All contestants will receive a certificate of appreciation. 

The contest is held to beautify public housing communities. Get flowers and grass seed free from your neighborhood manager, as well as the loan of rakes, shovels, and other gardening equipment.  Judging will occur in June, August, and October.  Flower gardens must be maintained throughout the summer. 

For more information, call 452-2425.