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In 2013, we are extremely proud to feature in our annual calendar 12 of our employees who started their careers with us when they were residents of public housing. We think their individual stories are compelling enough to feature on a monthly basis throughout the year -- to honor these employees and to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Housing Authority of the City of Erie:


Melvin Pasik -- April, 2013

Melvin Pasik has been a maintenance supervisor at Erie Heights since 2008. lHe started in the maintenance department in 1995, completing work orders for tasks that need to be done, doing everything in general maintenance
from drywall to heating, electric, and plumbing. “Whatever needed to be done,” he says.

He had lived in public housing, at Pineview, for 10 years before entering the one-year Step-Up Program for maintenance.

Melvin entered public housing in 1990, and in 2000, moved into an apartment with his family, where he lived for two years before buying his own home on Erie’s  west side in 2004.

“I learned about the Step-Up Program for maintenance in the Authority’s newsletter. It seemed like a perfect fit – I had been a welder/fabricator for Lake Erie Electric for about 10 years, and when I became unemployed, I entered public housing at Pineview.

“From the description in the newsletter, the Step-Up Program seemed just right for me and my background at Lake Erie.

“I did well in the program, and really liked it. I had perfect attendance. The program lasted one year, from 1994 until 1995. After my graduation from the program, it took about four months to get hired by the Housing Authority. I went from general maintenance to being a supervisor when the position opened up.

“Public housing was the safety net that caught me in so many ways, both as a place to live and place to work,” he says. “Prior to connecting with the Authority, it was all about economics for me. I was unemployed, I was running low on money, and Pineview was open for those people like me, people with low income. Thank God for Pineview because I had a wife and five kids to support.

“Now all the kids have grown up and moved on. I don’t know what would have happened to us without the Erie Housing Authority.

“I do know that I enjoy my work. I enjoy resolving any maintenance issue anyone has, and I have to admit, when I’m in a place like Curry/Schell Apartments working for the elderly, I like hearing tenants saying, ‘Where’s Melvin? Hey Melvin, I need you!’. I love helping people.”

Melvin oversees 210 apartments at Erie Heights, 63 apartments at Curry/Schell, and 68 at Pineview. He oversees 53 apartments at Agnes Priscaro Apartments and 21 scattered site houses.

“Am I happy? You bet. I’ve got a good home, a good job, and I have five wonderful kids and 18 grandchildren and I’m working for retirement, sooner or later.

“Oh – and I’ve got a dog, a sheltie named Casey.