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--- Issued January 6, 2013

This winter’s Early Connections Childcare Facility holidays’ party for the children of the Authority’s Harbor Homes development was a huge success, says Kate Beer, director of the facility.

‘They had so much fun – they always do, when they make something and then get to eat it,” Beer said, laughing.

For this year’s party 12 children from Harbor Homes, ages 3-5, made candy cane peppermint fudge as part of a seasonal all day activity for the holidays celebration.  Then the children and the parents who attended got to eat the fudge.

The fudge was a no-bake mix, meaning that all the children had to do was put the ingredients in a bag and squeeze them together.  

Beer and Brian Ross, assistant director, supervised the event.

“The kids worked on measuring the ingredients for the fudge, which involved math,” Beer said.  “They followed a recipe, which involved directional skills.  They worked together, which enhanced their social skills.  Their favorite part was using a hammer to smash the candy canes they mixed with the fudge.  I guess that involved fine motor skills!”