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--- Issued July 16

With all the 90-degree-plus days of sweltering heat this summer, the Erie Housing Authority's three pools have been very popular with young HACE residents.

"But believe it or not, no more than usual," says Michael Fraley, resident initiatives Coordinator for the Authority.

The Authority has porta-pools at John E. Horan Garden Apartmentd, 730 Tacoma Road; Pineview/Erie Heights, 4020 Garden Avenue; and Agnes R. Priscaro Apartments, 1400 West 24th Street.

All three pools have been drawing a total of 75 youngsters -- about 25 to 30 per pool each day.

The pools are available for children ages 6-14 years old.

"We always get lots of useage at the pools, so this year hasn't been any different," Fraley says.