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--- Issued April 11,2012

Erie Housing Authority Executive Director John E. Horan recently gave an oral presentation along with a Powerpoint review, to Erie’s Citizen’s Planning Academy on the myths of public housing.

With the presentation, Horan presented information on the Authority’s Scattered Sites Program; crime prevention and control through the design of public housing sites; the Section 8 Program; and how public housing developments make the neighborhoods in which they are situated better places to live.

Listing the most common myths and misconceptions about public housing, Horan cited and debunked the following:

• All recipients of housing assistance are Black
• All recipients of housing assistance are on Welfare
• All recipients of housing assistance live in public housing forever
• All recipients of housing assistance are families with children
• Public housing sites are high crime areas
• Public housing residents live rent free

To view Horan’s 48-page Powewrpoint presentation given to the Academy -- which also provides an overview of the Authority's goals, housing statistics, demographics, services, and operations -- click HERE.