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--- Issued March 2, 2012

The YMCA Kids Club and young Erie Housing Authority residents performed their fifth live stage production, “Just Like Us,” on Wednesday, February 22, at East High School.

The audience for the production included HACE Executive Director John E. Horan, teachers and staff from Edison Elementary School, students from LECOM Medical College, and families and friends of the young actors and actresses.

Seventeen youths from ages 8 to 15 from the John E. Horan Garden Apartments and Erie Heights YMCA Kids Clubs performed a play whose theme was learning to work and play together despite differences.

Audience members were also treated to the first public showings of the YMCA Kids Club video and two public awareness videos acted and produced by young members from the YMCA Theatre Group.

The youths involved in the production not only acted but also produced set designs and made all the costumes.

Youth Theatre Director Marcus Atkinson and YMCA Kids Club Program Director Cherie Kinem said that more than 100 hours of practice and work go into one hour of each live performance the audience sees.