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--- Updated October 3, 2010

On August 23, the Erie Housing Authority Board passed a resolution requesting that the McBride Viaduct, now closed, be reopened because it is such a vital vehicular and pedestrian link for Erie's public housing residents.

Click HERE to read a copy of that letter and the Board's resolution.

At the August 23 Authority Board Meeting, Executive Director John E. Horan noted that "We have a number of public housing residents that rely on that north-south safe way to get across the railroad tracks, and have for many, many years.

"The Viaduct was built in 1938 and our first public housing development on the east side was Harbor Homes, which was opened in 1941. Many other areas have developed since that are dependent upon the McBride Viaduct to get to work and to school.

"Many of our high school children that live on the south side of the railroad tracks go to East High School. These high school students utilize that as a safe pathway to get to East High. Both Agnes (Agnes Priscaro, Board Chair) and I met with Mayor Sinnott after our last board meeting to get a better sense of where things stand from the City’s prospective on the McBride Viaduct. In the course of our discussion, the Mayor informed us that the estimated local share to repair and/or replace the viaduct would be about $400,000. If everyone is pulling in the right direction, we should be able to tap all the resources that are available out there to get the needed funds. In any event, we are on board and whatever help we can provide we will do so."

"It is important to note," said Horan, "that the Bayfront East side Connector does not take the place of the McBride Viaduct. There is no southbound exit at Buffalo Road and no northbound entrance from Buffalo Road. Emergency vehicles have a very circuitous route to get to the area just south of the viaduct."

Priscaro added, "
I live on the east side and still see the adults and children walking over the Viaduct. There are children who go to Wayne School that are also crossing over the bridge. One of the reasons that the McBride Viaduct was built in the first place was because a child got killed crossing the tracks. I would hate to see that happen again. This is really important."

The Board unanimously approved the resolution.