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--- Issued September 12, 2010

The summer issue of the Erie Housing Authority's News & Views newsletter features two HACE Section 8 success stories.

The first is the success of the Section 8 Family Self-Sufficiency Program, now in its sixth year with seven graduates and four more expected to graduate soon.

Alicia Bibbs, shown on our Web site's home page, is one of two participants in the program who were interviewed for the story and who highly praise the program.

The newsletter also features a story describing how the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) gave HACE a "high performer" award in the The Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP).

That program is a “report card” for public housing agencies (PHAs) who administer the Housing Choice Voucher Program. It measures their performance in 14 key areas to assess whether PHAs help eligible families to afford decent rental units at a reasonable subsidy cost as intended by Federal housing legislation.

HACE scored in the 99th percentile in that program.

To read those stories in the newsletter, click HERE.