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--- Issued September 11, 2010

The “Learn to Golf” program, in its ninth year this summer, was more popular than ever with both aspiring golfers and their mentors.

In fact, so many mentors have become involved in the program it is now known as the “Mentor/Youth Golf Program.”

“We’ve really put an emphasis in the last couple of years in getting mentors involved,” said John Horan, Authority executive director.

“This year we had about 15 mentors, more mentors than we’ve ever had. PGA instructor Karen Bukowski provided great lessons at the Millcreek Golf and Learning Center, while the mentors gave much needed one-on-one attention.”

“There was a real commitment from the mentors this year,” Horan said.

Starting June 21 with 40 youngsters, the season ended August 7 with the Mentor/Youth Golf Tournament at the J.C. Martin Golf Course.

Many mentors are HACE employees, while some are social service providers or just interested volunteers from the community,” Horan said.