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--- Issued July 10, 2010

The Erie Housing Authority held its 13th Annual family Picnic at Waldameer on Friday, July 9.

In the pouring rain!

But the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits.

The 13th Annual Family Picnic at Waldameer drew about 1,500 guests, even though the weather was not bright and sunny -- as it usually is.

This year, HACE volunteers cooked hotdogs and hamburgers in the pouring rain but they laughed about it and the rain didn't stop them.

Authority Executive Director John Horan said he can't remember the last time it rained on picnic day -- records going back to 1998 show no rain on picnic day prior to this year.

Adults spent lots of time in the picnic shelter but the younger residents went on rides despite the rain.

Looking around at the soaked volunteers carrying on business as usual -- grilling, organizing, signing-in guests, sorting T-shirts and finding wayward children – Horan said, “The dedication of our people is unbelievable.”

Almost without exception, everyone had a smile on his or her face.,

Many young residents actually seemed to have more fun because of the downpour, which eventually stopped when skies cleared as the day went on.