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--- Updated May 4, 2010

The Erie Housing Authority’s 2010 calendar, “Recession Proof Recipes,” are still available online, although the paper copies have all been snapped up from
the Authority's Central Office, 606 Holland Street.

To see an online version, click on the photo of the cover, above.

This calendar is one of the popular the Authority has published. It is the eighth in a series that showcases the richness of the Erie public housing experience.

We have featured the Services (2003) offered to assist our residents on their journey toward economic self-sufficiency; the Heroes of Public Housing (2004), former residents who have gone on to make significant contributions to society; the Gardens of Public Housing (2005); Art in Public Housing (2006); The Children of Public Housing (2007); Photography (2008) produced by children who reside in public housing; and, the History of Public Housing (2009). All our calendars are available for viewing on our web site:

In 2010, we feature recession-proof dinner recipes that can be prepared for a family of four, each for under $10. The recipes all came from our public housing residents who know how to stretch a dollar. During these hard economic times everyone can use a few tips to save money.

Our 12 “chefs” were selected for the calendar from more than 30 submissions. Many had interesting stories to tell about their recipes, and many had surprising backgrounds – such as Ron Colicchio, who has been hiding his Masters degree in history from us all these years while he keeps the grounds of Schmid Towers spotless.

Many of our tenants’ stories are as tasty as their recipes, and you’ll find some of their personalities a bit salty as well!.
Read their bios in this calendar to discover more than a few surprises about our residents.

For more information, call John Horan at 452-2425.