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--- Issued December 22, 2009

The YMCA Kiwanis Youth Choir practice twice a week all year long to spread the sound of music throughout the Erie area. Five of those youngster performed Christmas carols Monday, December 21, at the Authority's Central Office, 606 Holland Street.

The young residents performed Christmas carols for members of the Erie Housing
Authority staff as they have done every year for the past eight years.

HACE Chair Agnes Priscaro, who has served 28 consecutive years on the Authority's Board of Directors, has led the choir since 1992.

The choir is comprised of residents from age 12 to 14.

"They are very, very good," says HACE Executive Director John Horan. "We thank them for bringing the spirit of the holiday season to us and reminding us what that season is really supposed to be all about."

The choir performs throughout the year at nursing homes, community events such as the Summer Festival of the Arts, and Kiwanis Club functions.