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--- Issued March 20, 2009

Edinboro University recently unveiled its’ pictorial guide of Erie’s each side – featuring numerous Erie Housing Authority sites – called "The East Erie Neighborhood Atlas."

The Atlas was a collaborative effort by Edinboro's Department of Geosciences and Department of Social Work with assistance from the Erie Housing Authority, The JFK Center, the Quality of Life Learning Center, and the John E. Horan Garden Apartments YMCA Kids Club.

The 2004 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development actually involved all three of Edinboro's undergraduate schools - Education; Science, Management and Technology; and Liberal Arts.

With maps, tables and graphics by Dr. Richard Deal of the Geosciences Department, Dr. Suzanne McDevitt of the Social Work Department was the principal investigator for the 90-page Atlas.

The neighborhood covered by the Atlas includes an area from Lake Erie on the north to Franklin Avenue on the east and East Avenue on the west. The southern border is contained within an arc from the Bayfront Highway, Buffalo Road and East 26th Street.

"Though peripheral to early Erie development, the East Erie neighborhood in the early 20th Century evolved to play a major role in Erie's industrialization, and delivered significant parts of the defense material during the lend-lease program and through World War II," Dr. McDevitt writes. "In the Post-War period, while maintaining its industrial role, its public housing evolved to provide transitional housing to low income families while surrounding residential neighborhoods provided stability."

"It is hoped that this Atlas will be of use to schools, social and planning agencies, community and civic decision-makers and the citizens of the East Erie neighborhood," McDevitt added.

In addition to Deal and McDevitt, other Edinboro faculty members involved in the Atlas and other grant projects include: Ms. Diane Crandall of the Art Department, Dr. Tom White and Dr. Debra Kubinski of the Nursing Department, and Dr. Ruth Nash-Thompson of the Special Education and School Psychology Department.

A limited number of copies is available at the Erie Housing Authority’s Central Office, 606 Holland Street.

For more information, call 452-2425.