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--- Issued December 12, 2008

A public housing resident called “Mr. Congeniality by the Erie Times-News is our “unsung hero” of public housing in the Winter 2008 newsletter for his volunteer work.

Also known as Fritz Horstmann, he was recognized by the newspaper for his cheerful disposition at Wegmans, 6143 Peach Street. The above photo and news article was posted on the newspaper’s Web site and also used in the newspaper itself.

The newspaper wrote, in its Nov. 17 article: “Horstman doesn't order the produce nor fill the shelves with products. He doesn't man the checkout lines nor provide management expertise that makes Wegmans an efficient supermarket operation. Horstman is just an 80-year-old toolmaker, now retired, who drives to Wegmans five or six days a week to pitch in and do his job for four or five hours. But to his fellow Wegmans employees, he's an octogenarian rock star."

"I have to tell you right upfront that Fritz is the most beloved employee we have," said Wegmans Peach Street Store Manager Pat O'Dell. "The other employees just love him.”

Horstman, a resident of Curry/Schell Apartments, is also beloved by his fellow residents and those for whom he volunteers, as our Winter 2008 News & Views newsletter will show.