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--- Issued Oct. 22, 2008

"When I first started with the Authority in 1977, public housing looked like army barracks. We truly were the housing of last resort. People were being warehoused. The residents were disgruntled and we were losing our public support.

But change was the order of the day," writes John E. Horan, in his introductory letter to the Housing Authority's 70th Anniversary commemorative booklet, a limited number of which are available at the HACE Central Office, 606 Holland Street, on a first-come, first-served basis.

To view an online copy of the booklet, click HERE.

Shown above are two of the pages in the 70th Anniversary publication, showing "before"
and "after" photos. Click on the photo to go to the booklet.

Horan goes on to write that, "With support from elected officials, dedicated volunteer board members and professional staff, we have adapted to societal changes, improved our services and carried out our mission for seven decades.

The Housing Authority has grown and evolved over the years from a provider of Spartan temporary housing for workers in war related industries in the 1940’s, to a multi-faceted 21st century organization that provides first class housing and a full range of programs and services designed to move our residents toward economic self sufficiency.

The Housing Authority was created by action of Erie City Council on March 11, 1938. We are the oldest operating authority in the City of Erie, and one of the oldest housing authorities in the country.

At our 60th and 65th anniversaries we honored 24 public housing graduates, including Tom Ridge, who had gone on to make major contributions to society

This year, we honor seven “Future Heroes of Public Housing” – young people who are already role models and who have the potential to make great contributions in their chosen fields of endeavor. I hope you will enjoy hearing their very compelling stories.

To all of our Housing Authority friends and supporters, please accept our thanks for all you do every day to assist us in making public housing the best housing in Erie."

Along with the booklet being available, the Authority has made a video of the October 17 70th Anniversary Celebration at the Erie Bayfront Convention Center, which will be televised and also be made available to local school classrooms.