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--- Issued July 2, 2008

The Erie Housing Authority recently took young residents to another night at the ballgame to watch the Erie Seawolves play.

For the past four years, Authority staff members, representatives from various social service agencies which provide programs in partnership with the Housing Authority, and members of the Housing Authority's C.O.P.P.S. program have volunteered to spend an evening showing public housing youths a good time at a Seawolves Baseball Game.

This year's HACE baseball event was held Monday, June 30. The YMCA and John F. Kennedy Center transported the youths to and from the game. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center provided the Authority with 50 tickets to the game.

Each volunteer was matched with a youth from the Authority-sponsored YMCA Kids Club and John F. Kennedy Center youth programs. All at the game agreed that the kids, baseball, and the caring of volunteers were a perfect match.