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--- Issued May 15, 2008

HACE and the YMCA of Greater Erie recently sponsored the fifth annual "Boys Night Out" at the downtown YMCA. All attending said the evening was a big success.

Twenty-Five youths, ages 10-14, from the John F. Kennedy Center, Erie Heights/Pineview, and John E. Horan Garden Apartments YMCA Kids Clubs attended the event. The goal of the program is to partner youths with positive male role models from the community for a night of education, competition and fun.

Activites included talks on the portrayal of men and women in the media and the causes of domestic violence. The group also viewed an actual trial and discussed weather the person was guilty and what the victim was feeling. Classes were taught by Lydia Innocenzi from the Crime Victim Center, Tammy Johnson from SafeNet and Melissa Montero from Adagio Health's
Teen Leadership Program.

The boys broke up into three teams and competed in an indoor mini-triathlon. There were ten male mentors in all, with team leaders including Erie police officers Marc Bellotti and Tom Covatto; Erie County Adult Probation Officer Charles Downing; and staff from the YMCA and the John F. Kennedy Center. The Covatto Team won the event.

The remainder of the evening was spent with activities including swimming, movies and basketball.