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--- Issued Feb. 20, 2008

s of December 31,2007, the Erie Housing Authority was providing housing assistance to 2,752 families. A total of 342 new families, elderly, and persons with disabilities received housing assistance in 2007. Our housing inventory is in better condition than ever. Credit must go to the employees who carried out the day-today tasks resulting in these impressive accomplishments.

These statistics are provided in the Authority’s Annual Report on Goals and Objectives for 2007, approved by the HACE Board in January. Highlights of the report include:

SECTION 8 HIGH PERFORMANCE: In 2007, the Authority received a high performance rating in HUD’s Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP). This is the Authority’s first year as a high performer. The section eight management assessment program, for which the Erie Housing Authority was recognized, measures the performance of the public housing agencies that administer the housing choice voucher program in 14 key areas. The assessment program helps HUD target monitoring and assistance to public housing authority programs that need the most improvement. The 14 indicators of performance show whether authorities help eligible families to afford decent rental units at a reasonable subsidy cost as intended by Federal housing legislation. The Voucher Program increases affordable housing choices for 900 very low-income households by allowing families to choose privately owned rental housing.

FIRST GRAD OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY PROGRAM: The Authority contracted with the Greater Erie Community Action Committee to provide staffing for the Authority’s Section 8 Self-Sufficiency Program. As of December 31, 2007, there were 40 families in the Self-Sufficiency Program. The first graduate of the program was recognized in 2007. Click HERE to read his family's story.)

RESIDENT PERCEPTION: A 2007 Penn State Behrend safety survey showed our residents feel safe in public housing. Forty-eight percent of our residents responded to questions about safety in their neighborhoods. Specifically, 71 percent said they felt safe walking alone at night in their neighborhood; 85 percent said that they felt safe alone at night in their home. Acording to crime data provided by the Erie Police Department, the crime rate in public housing has decreased 73 percent since 1993.

COMPLETED CONSTRUCTION OF HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE UNITS: In 2007 the Authority substantially completed construction of 14 fully- accessible houses. The Authority now has over 5 percent of its housing accessible to persons with physical disabilities. The total amount of funds obligated by the Authority over the last five years for handicap accessibility work is $14,314,557. These units are located throughout the Authority’s inventory and include one to five bedroom units.

INCREASED EMPLOYED FAMILIES: In 2007, 793 families had employment as a primary source of tenant income. Of the 215 families newly housed in public housing in 2007, 80 (37 percent) families had employment as their primary source of income. In 2007, 211 working families enjoyed the benefits of the Authority’s flat rent, which caps their rent, regardless of income.

CONTINUED HOMEPLUS PROGRAM: In 1997, the Authority contracted with the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC), the Erie Center on Health and Aging, and Stairways, Inc., to implement the HomePLUS Program at Friendship Apartments and Schmid Towers. The program provides case management and supportive services to many residents of both buildings. Direct services (i.e., home support, personal care, and chores) have been provided since August 1, 1998 and, at present, 379 residents are receiving direct services. GECAC estimates that 268 residents have been maintained in their homes because services are adequately meeting their needs. In April 2000, the Authority added a daily hot meal to the support service package at Friendship Apartments and Schmid Towers. In October 2000, Ostrow Apartments was added to the Congregate Meals Program. A total of 12,872 hot meals were served at the three buildings in 2007.

PARADE STREET CONDOS: The Authority sold four residential condominiums in 2007. The Authority also turned over control of the Parade Street Condominium Association to the new owners in December of 2007.