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--- Issued Dec. 14, 2007

The Erie Housing Authority is proud to present its just-published 2008 calendar, "Our Photo Album" (Click HERE to view). This calendar is the sixth in a series that showcases the richness of the Erie public housing experience.

The 2008 calendar features the photography by children who live in public housing and participate in the programs offered at the Authority’s after-school and summer recreation programs -- first, second and third graders! "The photographs depict some of Erie’s landmarks and some lesser-known sites that also deserve our attention," said John E. Horan, executive director of the Authority. "Our young photographers, with their plastic disposable cameras, have captured many beautiful and unique images of scenes that we often take for granted.”

Our kids and their cameras grace the cover of our 2008 annual calendar,
"Our Photo Album." Click photo above to view calendar.

The 2008 calendar to be distributed free to residents and the public, for as long as the supply lasts.

Horan said that the calendar is the latest of annual calendars showing that public housing residents, both youths and adults, are capable of great and unexpected achievements. "We have featured the Services (2003) offered to assist our residents on their journey toward economic self-sufficiency; the Heroes of Public Housing (2004), former residents who have gone on to make significant contributions to society; the Gardens of Public Housing (2005); Art in Public Housing (2006); and, The Children of Public Housing (2007)."

All of the Authority's calendars are available for viewing on the Authority's Web site,

"Our experience has shown us that if we can stimulate the creative side of our children’s brains they will never cease to amaze us with their talent and creativity. Their photography, featured this year, is just one more example of what our children can do, given the opportunity,” Horan said.

"It does take a community and really, as we say, "It’s About People."

For more information, call John Horan at 452-2425.