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--- Issued Dec. 5, 2007

Erie Housing Authority staff and residents recently said a fond goodbye to Don Mott, “The Mayor of Friendship Apartments,” at a going-way party at The Friendship Towers community room. About 80 people, including the HomePLUS staff, were there to wish him well. “Don is a very special person and we’ll certainly miss him,” said John E. Horan, executive director of the Authority.

Don Mott, standing, center, is honored by his friends Gladimiro Bucarelli,
standing, left, and John Horan, standing,right, and Cleo Woodward,
seated, left, and Maude Twohig.

Don was highlighted in the Fall 2006 News & Views newsletter as an “Everyday Hero,” one of those unsung heroes who volunteer and help to make life easier for their fellow HACE residents.

Don, a past president of tenant council at Friendship, helps his co-tenants any way he can and any time he can, Gladimiro “Bucky” Bucarelli, manager of Friendship, said in the newsletter. “He not only organized last New Years Eve’s party, for instance, he popped out of the cake as a new baby!” says Bucarelli. “Whenever a dinner comes along, he’s always pitching in and helping -- cooking and organizing and doing what has to be done. He helps people in wheelchairs when they need it. Whenever I ask him to keep an eye on someone who hasn’t been feeling well, he does it. Whenever I need any favor at all he does it with a smile.”

Some facts about Don:

-- He moved into Friendship November 9, 1990.
-- He served five years as Tenant Council President.
-- He served four years in other positions on the Tenant Council.
-- He is moving to Canastota, New York (4-miles from his younger brother)
-- He loves to fish.
-- He called Bingo every Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive years.
-- He organized the HACE Senior Picnic since 1995.
-- He has two daughters (Erie) and one son (Plattsburgh, N.Y.).
-- He was a recipient of the Wayne Bailey Award for service to his fellow senior residents.

As a testament to Don he is the only person who would volunteer to help set up his own going away party.

“All I can say is that we will miss him very much here at Friendhip,” said Bucarelli.