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--- Issued December 20, 2006

The Erie Housing Authority is proud to present its 2007 calendar, "The Children of Public Housing." This calendar is the fifth in a series that showcases the richness of the Erie public housing experience.


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The 2007 calendar features the services and activities the Authority offers the children who reside in public housing. Unfortunately, lower income families do not have the resources to provide their children with all the opportunities they would like. The Housing Authority helps to bridge that gap.

Our experience has shown us that a busy child who has constructive options is less likely to get into trouble and less likely to cause problems in our neighborhoods. It really does take a village, and really, as we say, “It’s About People.”

What the Housing Authority of the City of Erie does for the children of families who, by virtue of their temporary lower economic condition, reflects what the Housing Authority as an institution represents. If it is really “about people,” then we are obligated to assist in the care and development of the children who reside in public housing.

The Authority has published 5,000 copies of the 28-page 2007 calendar to be distributed free to residents and the public, for as long as the supply lasts.

In past years, we have featured the Services (2003) offered to assist our residents on their journey toward economic self-sufficiency; the Heroes of Public Housing (2004), former residents including Tom Ridge, who have gone on to make significant contributions to society; the Gardens of Public Housing (2005); and, Art in Public Housing (2006).

All of our calendars are available for viewing on our Web site.