--- Issued December 23, 2015

From John E. Horan, executive editor of the Erie Housing Authority:

"The Housing Authority of the City of Erie is pleased and proud to present our 2016 calendar, “The Young People of Public Housing – Our Future!”

This is our 14th calendar showcasing the richness of the public housing experience in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The children who live in public housing are from lower income families due to the requirements of the federal housing program. In fact, the actual income of a four-person household admitted to Erie’s public housing in 2015 averaged $14,353, well below the federal government’s admission limits and below the poverty level for a family of four in Erie County.

Each month in 2016 will bring a new and exciting experience and opportunity for our children. They will experience everything from sporting activities to music and dance; from sailing to gardening; from golfing to hiking; from Therapy dogs to fishing; from acting to reading; from baseball to basketball.

More importantly, they will get to meet and interact with adults who care about them and their future. They will meet police and firefighters; teachers and counselors on a personal level, not because they have done something wrong, but because they are looking at positive role models.

We try to expose our children to a variety of experiences that will let them know that poverty does not have to be a “way of life.” That they can and do have aspirations that go beyond their immediate surroundings. That education and hard work are the keys to success in life.

All of our calendars, 2003 through 2016, are available for viewing at www.hace.org under News>Calendars."