--- Issued September 28, 2015

More than 50 volunteers from Gannon University, the John E. Horan Garden Apartments Kids Club, and the C.O.P.P.S. program showed up recently to prove they care enough about the environment to do something about it.

They were organized by Benedictine Sister Pat Lupo, Neighborhood Art House Environmental Specialist, to be part of the International Coastal Clean-up at the John E. Horan Garden Apartments.

Sixteen  children and 36 volunteered, filling 34 trash bags.

Among the items found,  typical of many other Erie County small streams, were:

– 956 cigarette Butts

– 708 food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc)

– 228 beverage Bottles (plastic)

– 27 beverage Bottles (glass)

– 138 beverage Cans

– 82 grocery Bags (plastic)

– 87 0ther Plastic Bags

– 65 plastic/Foam packaging items

– 13 take-out containers

– 40 plastic bottle caps

– 9 metal bottle caps

– 26 straws and stirrers

– 9 fishing nets and pieces of nets

– 19 paper cups and plates

– 160 foam pieces

– 42 glass pieces

– 209 plastic pieces

– 1 carpet

– 1 shopping cart

– 2 engines

The clean-up area included the McDannel Run tributary and the surrounding neighborhood.

At the end of the clean-up Sister Pat organized the above inventory of what was removed, how much it weighed and its impact on the water and the neighborhood.

Volunteers were treated to Pizza and beverages after the clean-up.

This was the 12th straight year young HACE volunteers participated in the International Coastal Clean-up.