--- Issued September 10, 2015

Thirty boys from the YMCA John E. Horan Garden Apartments Kids Club and YMCA Erie Heights/Pineview Kids Club had a great time this summer in "Spoons Summer Basketball League" – showing the opposition how it's done.

They played games two or three times a week and had Spoon's practice on the non-game weekdays.

The YMCA Kids Clubs had three teams in the league - one in the 9-to-10 year-old division, one in the 11-to-12 year-old year old division,  and one in the 13-to-14 year-old division.

Coach Ryan Rowan (Youth Specialist at YMCA John Horan Garden Apartments Kids Club) practiced basic drills and worked on plays with the boys daily.

The 11-12 year-old team started with eight players, but by the end of the season that team had five players.

Playoffs came and the team had only four players left.

The four-man team, in Playoff Game One,  asked the opposing coach if he would play the game with only 4 players.

He said "No."

The HACE four man team played against the five man team and won.

The same thing happened in Playoff Game Two.  Four young men beat five.

When it came time to play the number one team in the division for the division championship and the trophy, once again, the opposing coach refused to play with only four players, four-on-four.

"Nope, can't do that," he said.

Again, the YMCA Kids Club HACE boys won, this time for the division championship! 

Four against five with a winning score of 28-20.

The team was awarded their trophy Saturday, August 29, at Spoons Court on Witherspoon Lane.