--- Issued Sept. 4, 2015

The Erie Reader newspaper features the HACE tree planting effort on the cover of its current edition.   It is called "Planting Trees, Sowing the Future," and begins this way:

"The day shouts summer. A crystalline blue sky stretches languidly from the hill above West 38th Street toward our stunning lake to the north. The Erie Heights neighborhood sits atop this hill, housing gardens galore and residents from all over the world. Three children shoot hoops on the court nearby, and a couple of others fiddle with a bike near their parents’ front yard perennials. I’m standing next to a little fenced-in area, planted carefully with tiny trees. The sign at the entrance identifies the space as a Wangari Maathai nursery, with a characteristic photo of that ebulliently smiling, brightly-dressed Kenyan woman holding a tree seedling."

Written by Katie Chriest, you can read the rest of her story HERE on the Erie Reader's website.