--- Issued August 21, 2015

From books to bubbles -- Lori Metaloni, the Erie County Library's outreach worker for the Early Connections Childcare Center at the John E. Horan Garden Apartments --  makes sure young HACE residents have plenty to do -- and learn -- on her visits.

The Childcare Center is provided for  children (age six weeks to five tears)  of HACE residents who are working or attending school.

Metalonis visits the Childcare Center at least two times a month to provide reading and educational programs. She also works with HACE Headstart and the YMCA Kids Club

Recently she had a bubble-themed storytime and then led the children in a bubble brigade afterwards, with every child taking a turn.

The group talked about bubble shapes and how they move with the wind or blowing on them -- basic bubble physics.

"We used bubble wands in the shape of a ladybug and a butterfly.  Some bubbles went high and some went low.  It was so much fun and they all shared beautifully," Metalonis said.

Each child got a bottle of bubbles to take home!