--- Issued May 19, 2015


Ten money-wise Housing Authority residents each won, in a May 12 drawing, a $25 gift certificate to  Erie County Farms in the first quarter of 2015 by paying their rent before the fifth of the month.

Curry Schell Apartments
Nancy Andrzejewski

C. Ted Dombrowski Apartments
Mildred Champion

Friendship Apartments
Nicole Burnett
Thaddeus Karwowski

Harbor Homes Annex
Purna Khatiwoda

Harbor Homes
Hajer Al-Muraiheg

John E. Horan Garden Apartments
Chabi Neopaney
Lyudmila Provodina

Scattered Sites
Lillie Scott
Ana Torres


Livia Di Fiori    Friendship Apartments  -- 32” LED TV – GRAND PRIZE

Jocelyn Higgins    Curry/Schell -- Wireless Speaker

Theresa Simonelli    Curry/Schell -- Coffee Maker

Deborah Harrington    Friendship Apartments -- Paper Shredder

Nikolay Fomin    Friendship Apartments -- Pots & Pans

Marlene Stefanowicz    Friendship Apartments  -- Alarm Clock

Tawfik Radhi    Harbor Homes -- Toaster

Om Dhital    John E. Horan Garden Apts. -- Griddle

Salih Al Dhumeen    Scattered Site -- Waffle Maker

Joseph Sherosky    Schmid Towers -- Shark Steamer

Judith Soto Galarza    Schmid Towers -- Digital Camera

Delene Thompson    Schmid Towers -- Ninja Blender