--- Issued March 24, 2015

The board of the Housing Authority of the City of Erie, at its meeting on March 23 adopted a five year Strategic Plan for the Housing Authority.

The plan identifies five strategic goals to be addressed over the next five years:

1.    Develop a Leadership Succession Plan
2.    Secure the Housing Authority’s Financial Future
3.    Invest in the Housing Authority’s Human Capital
4.    Assure Organizational Sustainability
5.    Expand and Enhance Resident Services and Family Self-Sufficiency

Each goal has a set of strategic objectives that are designed to achieve the goal.

The plan was prepared by Dennison Associates of Boston in conjunction with the Board and staff of the Housing Authority, with input from many of our partner agencies and our Resident Advisory Board.

According to Executive Director John E. Horan, “this is the beginning of a five year implementation process that will allow us to thrive in an environment that will challenge each of us to do more with less and develop new ways of doing business, while staying true to our mission, vision and values.”

To view the entire plan, click HERE.

To view the executive summary of the plan, click HERE.