--- Issued Friday November 14, 2014

The holidays are always special for the staff and residents of the Erie Housing Authority.  This year was no exception:

Applefest Fun at Camp Sherwin: On Saturday, October 18, 2014, 42 members from the YMCA Kids Clubs attended the 4th Annual Apple Fest at Camp Sherwin. Members were 6-15 years old.  Apples were abundant and the kids enjoyed them. Activities included a hayride around camp, face painting, donut-eating contest, the bounce-house, cake walk, apple sling-shot, obstacle course run around Camp, and making an apple sundae dessert. There was also painting with Angela, the Kids Club theater director and art teacher.  Children also watched magic tricks performed by a bona fide magician who walked amongst them, and they played video games in a video game party bus, made a pumpkin craft, and watched Dance Elite’s Brett Fallon perform his dance moves on stage, which they love every year.


HACE Central Office staffers enjoy Halloween in full costume.


The Quebec officers stopped in at Halloween events at the John E. Horan Garden Apartments, YMCA Kids Club, the John F. Kennedy Center, Friendship Apartments, and Schmid Towers. Here they are shown with Schmid Towers residet Delene Thompson.


 The John F. Kennedy Center sponsored an alternative to neighborhood trick or treating on Friday, October 31st. Over 300 children attended, each accompanied by a parent. Everyone wore costumes that were non-threatening. There were game and treat stations which all enjoyed.  In all there were two Halloween Parties at JFK, as well as at the YMCA and the Quality of Life Learning Center. Ostrow, Friendship and Schmid also had parties for their residents.
The Quebec officers attended all of them. This photo is of Officer Gould and friends at the John F. Kennedy Center.


On a regular basis, children from Erie's public housing go to the Blasco Library to read to dogs participating in the Therapy Dog Reading Program. The dogs help children to read because the animals have “non-judgmental ears,” and so the animals boost self-confidence.
This Halloween, both the children and the animals dressed in costumes for their reading time!