--- Issued May 24, 2018
From the Erie Times-News on 05-24-2018
Housing Authority gets $4.4 Million Federal Grant
By Kevin Flowers

The Erie Housing Authority is in line to receive $4.4 million from the federal government to make improvements at many of its units across the city.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on Wednesday announced the grant, part of roughly $162 million awarded to housing authorities nationwide to upgrade housing for families and seniors.

The $4.4 million federal grant coming to the Housing Authority of the City of Erie from the federal government will be used for improvements to HACE developments, such as this painting and refurbishing project at Harbor Homes.

The Erie Housing Authority serves roughly 8,000 residents and operates nearly 2,000 housing units across the city.

"It's a recurring grant we receive from HUD every year. Typically we get about $2.8 million, so that (increased) amount is a good thing," said Mike Fraley, the Housing Authority's executive director.

"We use that to make repairs like new roofs, siding, sidewalks and to repair kitchens and bathrooms," Fraley said. "We do that as part of our five-year capital improvements plan."

Fraley said some of that grant funding also helps pay for community policing at Erie's public housing units.

The Erie County Housing Authority received $360,000 from HUD, according to a list of grant recipients released by federal officials.

The grants are provided through HUD's Capital Fund Program, which offers annual funding to approximately 3,100 public housing authorities across the U.S. to build, repair, renovate and modernize public housing in their communities.