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--- Issued December 12, 2016

Here are a few of our photos from this year's Christmas gatherings:

Fifty youths from the Harbor Homes area attended a Christmas party sponsored by the John F. Kennedy Center. All the youths attending were treated to dinner and a gift from Santa Claus.


COPPS Program members Officer Chris Szoszorek and Officer Michael Gould at the Ostrow Apartments Christmas Party. The event was put on by Ostrow Residents and attended by over 30 residents, HACE staff and COPPS officers.


The LECOM mentoring group sponsored a Christmas party for 30 youths from the Erie Heights/Pineview YMCA Kids Club.  The future doctors from LECOM volunteer every week with youths from the YMCA Kids Club, participating in educational and recreational activities. This is the 15th year students from LECOM have volunteered for the Kids Club.


Housing Authority Inter-Agency Team gathers for its annual holiday luncheon at the Crime Victim Center.