--- Issued July 7, 2016

Twenty youths from the YMCA Kids Club and the John F. Kennedy Center participated in the Housing Authority's Annual Learn to Fish Day held at the Presque Isle Rotary Pavilion on Thursday, June 23rd.

Charlie Downing, retired Erie County Adult Probation officer, far left, comes back to volunteer at Learn to Fish Program.

The fishing program also had two days of teaching the fundamentals of fishing on June 21 and June 22,  followed by this Fishing Day.

Participants learned about fishing techniques, equipment and the importance of the environment to keeping fish and area waters healthy.

Volunteers included the eight members of the COPPS Program, individuals who worked in the COPPS program and have retired, and friends from the law enforcement community, along with HACE staff.

The youngsters had one on one fishing time with the volunteers who attended the event. Several of the adults brought their children who served as teen mentors, helping the young participants, aged 9-12,  fish.

The Son's of Lake Erie provided the fishing poles and equipment used by the children to fish.

All graduates earned a certificate and a fishing pole with tackle.

The highlight of the event was a a picnic dinner prepared by the volunteers. Entrée's included fresh fish, venison and other wild game.

The event was part of the HACE 2016 Summer Recreation Program.

"This is one of the most popular events of the summer for our kids, " said Daniel Roessner, executive director of the Authority, who attended the event himself. "We all enjoy it, and it wouldn't be possible without those who volunteer their time, and for that, we give them our thanks and appreciation."