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--- Issued June 17, 2016

The Housing Authority of the City of Erie will be sending residents the 2016 Resident Safety and Services Survey in July and August. Anyone wishing to fill their survey out early may do so at the Housing Authority Family Picnic on July 8th at Waldameer.

The Resident Safety and Services Survey is one of the ways that HACE evaluates resident satisfaction and their feelings concerning safety and services in their neighborhood.

Resident Heads-of-Household who have lived in housing at least six months will receive the survey. If you receive the Resident Safety and Services Survey, please take the time (5 minutes) to complete the survey. ALL RESIDENTS WHO COMPLETE AND RETURN THEIR SURVEY WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A GRAND PRIZE DRAWING. THE PRIZE TO ONE (1) RESIDENT WILL BE A FREE MONTH’S RENT.

Your opinion is very important to the Housing Authority! It will help to determine if we are serving your needs to the best of our ability.