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--- Issued June 8, 2016

The Erie Housing Authority placed fourth in the top five organizations with its March of Dimes Donations.

The HACE check for the $14,010 was  recently presented to Katie Keenan, Development Manager for the March.

The Authority, with only 62 employees,  placed fourth out of 291 teams.

The first place donator was Erie's General Electric with 350 employees.

"That's amazing," Keenan said.  "We would usually expect about $5,000 from a good team.  John Horan was a true champion for the March and it was heartwarming to watch his team honor his memory for something he found so important."

"We appreciate the time and energy it takes to raise funds, especially withe the Erie Housing Authority, from the most senior staffers to little kids going door to door," she said.

Young HACE residents from the YMCA Kids Club and the JFK Center spent about 25 hours themselves gathering donations.