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Housing Authority maintenance employees, from left: Igor Tatarchenko from Ukraine, Dzmitry Halauko from Belarus and Jimmy Ulasavets from Belarus, recently became U.S. citizens. All said they love Erie and especially enjoy fishing, boating and hunting.  They are married and have children – four for Jimmy and Dzmitry and two for Igor. They expressed appreciation for the free choice of religion in the U.S. and for their jobs and the Housing Authority.  “It’s a big help to people,” said Dzmitry.

Michael R. Fraley, Housing Authority of the City of Erie executive director is pictured presenting city of Erie Superintendent of Schools Brian Polito with a check totaling $171,508.23 for its portion of the HACE Payment in Lieu of Taxes. (PILOT) Since 1941 HACE has made voluntary PILOT payments to the three taxing bodies. 

In addition to the Erie School District, HACE made payments of $134,535.01 to the city of Erie and $55, 539.15 to Erie County. 

Counting this year’s PILOT payment of $361,582.39, HACE has paid $9,187,839 in lieu of taxes since 1941. In addition, HACE provides yearly program funding totaling over $690,000 as part of partnerships with the city of Erie Police and Parks Departments, Erie County Probation and the Erie County Public Library. 

Fraley states that the Housing Authority is, by state law exempt from payment of real estate taxes, however we make these voluntary payments to the taxing bodies for the services they provide to our residents. HACE pays the maximum PILOT payments permitted by law.

Mel Witherspoon, Founder/Commissioner of the Summer Spoon's Youth Basketball League presents a 2018 Sponsorship Award to the Housing Authority of the City of Erie Board of Commissioners President Bishop Dwane Brock and Executive Director Michael Fraley.